Marble Fireplaces

Marble Fireplaces

Welcome to Innova Fireplaces, we proudly offer manufacturing, installation, and restoration services of Marble fireplaces all over Pakistan. We bring beautifully crafted modern, classic, and custom marble fireplace assortment at an economical price. A fireplace we design can be used for gas, wood, or electric application.

What do we offer?

Here is how we add comfort and warmth into the lives of our customers.

  • Modern Marble Fireplace: We know how to design contemporary designs that fit into your current or minimalist living room instantly. Our craftsmen pay attention to details and bring the most excellent product at your disposal.
  • Traditional Marble Fireplace: Homeowners who need classic or vintage focal point into their living room always like to grab our conventional art pieces. Our traditional, sophisticated fireplaces bring the uninterrupted view of flames.
  • Custom marble fireplace: We use state-of-the-art technology in crafting a custom marble fireplace based on our customer’s requirements. We keep the natural appeal and feel of the marble intact while boosting up its aesthetic value to a great extent.Sit with our design team and share your dream designs. We will turn your dream into reality without making a compromise on quality, style, and designs.
  • Marble Fireplace Installation: Our customer’s comfort is the priority for us. Therefore, we send our expert installers who carefully handle the installation of a wall-mounted marble fireplace. They know how to set a fireplace with accuracy and precision.
  • Marble Fireplace Repair and Restoration: Want to refresh the look of your marble fireplaces? Our skilled team will restore your marble. They repair chips and cracks in a way that your fireplace gets a brand new look. Restoration services include hand carving, polishing, honing, cleaning, removing stains, and replacing missing parts. In simple words, our team will help you restore lost luster and shine of your marble fireplace at a very reasonable price.

InnovaFireplace offer 100 percent customer satisfaction by providing high-quality marble fireplace services. All installation and restoration work is done by our expert craftsmen who are passionate to achieve the highest service standards. Give us a call and let us serve you.

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