Hanging Fireplaces

Hanging Fireplaces

Innova Fireplaces is dedicated to offering a futuristic style to your home with the mean of its decorative hanging fireplaces. Homeowners who require distinctive statement pieces for any room decor always give preference to these gorgeous products over other designs.


Our hanging fireplaces are meticulously handmade by expert metal craftsmen. They mold thick sheet of high-quality cold-rolled steel with high precision and transform this sheet into varied, suspended fireplace designs.




What Makes Our Hanging fireplaces Better than Others?


A customer can explore different kinds of suspended fireplaces in the market. However, he ‘can’t find some features which are exclusive to our hanging fireplaces.


Optimal Quality: Our skilled craftsmen never make a compromise over the product’s quality. They strive to create a hanging fireplace which has a perfect design, build, and structure.

Design variety: Whether you need a one-sided, 3-sided, or central hanging fireplace, only we can deliver what you need.


Customization: ‘Don’t find a design you need? You are welcome to sit alongside our designer and share your design ideas. Our design team is proficient in handling customized design services. They will work on your thoughts and deliver you a product that perfectly matches your concept.


Fully Functional: Our suspended fireplaces will bring ample heat required to add coziness and warmth in any area.


Piece of Art: The non-intrusive design of our hanging fireplace is based on minimalist principles, which makes this product a piece of art. Our fireplaces feature with commanding attention, organically blend designs, matt finishes, and contemporary appeal.

In simple words, our hanging fireplaces are just like hanging masterpieces which draw attention and design in a way that they become the most captivating feature of any space. Don’t hesitate to grab an ultimate piece of luxury for your home. Give us a call. And, let our craftsmen handover you a beautiful hanging fireplace with efficient heat and warmth.

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