Tips for Choosing Gas Fireplace
Tips for Choosing Gas Fireplace

Tips for Choosing Gas Fireplace

Going to shop for a gas fireplace? You certainly hit the right place. In this post, I will share some tips which help you pick the right gas fireplace for your specific needs. Choosing The Proper Gas Fireplace

There are many choices when choosing a gas fireplace. We have put together a list of questions and choices you need to answer in order to help determine what the best gas fireplace option is for your specific needs.

Convert Existing Fireplace into Vented Gas Fireplace System

When you already have a chimney or fireplace in your home then you can convert it easily to direct vent gas fireplace system without spending much. You need to install a gas line in your home , this line will provide fuel to the fireplace. You also need to get a gas log insert that offer safe and efficient heat and energy in your home. Even when you don’t have a gas pipelines, its installation is not very expensive.

Try Easy to set Unvented Gas system

It is possible that you don’t have an existing fireplace and looking for a simple heat solution for home. In such a scenario, it is suggested to have an unvented gas fireplace system. It radiates the most heat. This energy efficient system can be placed anywhere in your home.

Always Pick Fireplace style According to home design

When it comes to the selection of gas fireplace, then you also have to decide about style of a fireplace. There are two common styles you can try. One is traditional one-sided and second is modern see-thru. These days, you can find a lot of categories under these two styles. So, whether you have a vintage home theme or contemporary Victorian style, you should try to match your fireplace style with your home design. This matching will create uniform appeal and beauty all over space.

Go with Unvented gas Fireplace when you need high heat

Unvented fireplace system seems like a great choice when you don’t want any kind of heat loss. Since there is no chimney so heat recirculates all over in a room. Therefore, you can expect high heat level with this system.

Achieve Realistic fire experience with Direct Vent gas

Unvented gas fireplace is small and doesn’t create a realistic fire-like experience for the viewer. On the other hand, modern technologies have added realistic fire-look in direct vent gas fireplace system. So, when fire view is your major concern then right choice is not an unvented system. However, you won’t achieve crackling fire sound with any of both systems. For real-life fire burning experience, you will have to go with wood-burning fireplace. However, many people skip that type because of its high maintenance and low energy efficiency features.

Get a fireplace without installation cost

Many homeowners try to add fireplace into their home without disturbing their home architecture or removing wall parts.

Therefore, they opt for no installation unvented fireplace system. A direct vent system on the other hand must need a chimney or small pipe like a dryer vent for proper functioning. It requires you to do proper installation of a fireplace with adjacent pipe or chimney. Installation cost is around $100-200. You can avoid this kind of installation cost with vent free gas system. When you don’t have right budget for direct vent system, you can save some money by picking a no-vent system, which is featured with high fuel to heat conversion rate.

I’m sure these tips will help you pick right gas fireplace for your home. Still have some questions in mind? You can ask our experts anytime through our contact us page.

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