How to Choose Right Fireplace for Your Home
How to Choose Right Fireplace for Your Home

How to Choose Right Fireplace for Your Home

Purpose of adding a fireplace into a home is to get heat, light, and some decorative aspects. When you visit the market, you find a wide variety of them, and you don’t understand how to choose the right fireplace for your home. Today, in this post, I will explain all those factors you need to consider during the selection process. Top criteria are your home design, installation, fuel cost, safety features, and types of fireplaces. Let’s check some factors that help you pick the right fireplace for your home design.

Consider your home style

There are two common styles of a fireplace, such as traditional and modern. Your fireplace style should match your own home style and theme. When your home design has a classic appeal, then only a conventional fireplace will make a right combo. On the other hand, when you have a modern home setting, then you will go with a contemporary fireplace with a sleek and compact design. In case of a transitional home design- a mix of contemporary with classic is attained with aesthetics, then a vintage or unique designs of the contemporary fireplace is the right choice to make.

Think,Do you a Fireplace With or Without mantel?

Adding mantel to your fireplace is a personal choice. Homeowners who care more about beauty and decorative aspects like to have a mantel. They get a chance to adore mantel with beautiful decoration items such as vases, flowers, mirrors, candle stands, picture frames, and many similar things.

Look at Room Design and Layout

The room where you are going to set a fireplace has a specific layout and design. Make sure you pick a fireplace that is not only matched with a home design but also prove functional in a room. For example, when you have a plan to set the fireplace in the kitchen, then you go with the electric fireplace since it radiates heat effectively in this space. On the other hand, direct vent traditional gas fireplace is an excellent choice for a small living room. A modern see-through fireplace can be installed as a room divider. It will offer sufficient energy to a connected room in an efficient manner.

Consider Family Requirements

When you have kids and pets at home, then you need to be very careful in the fireplace selection. An open fireplace is the first option to skip. You have to look for innovative fireplace design where glass doors don’t feel hot to touch. Some homeowners increase the height of a fireplace to keep it away from the reach of children.

Gas and Electric Fireplaces

Choose the right type of Fireplace for Your Home

There are three common types of fireplace available in the market, such as a gas fireplace, wood-burning fireplace, and electric fireplace.

  1. Gas Fireplace: This is the most commonly used fireplace which can be installed anywhere like in any room of your homes such as bedroom, bathroom and living room. It requires natural gas as fuel. Almost every other home has a gas pipeline. Therefore, homeowners opt for a gas fireplace because they can get their fuel anytime. Another reason for preferring this type on other is this fireplace is inexpensive to install. When you have kids at home, you can keep this fireplace away from their reach by installing a fireplace in the center of a wall.Gas-fireplaces
  2. Wood-Burning Fireplace: People who like classic wood-burning fire view always opt for a wood fireplace. These fireplaces are not very energy efficient since big energy hogs can suck heat out of your home. You can make it heat efficiently by installing a chimney balloon and glass door. You can install a wood-burning fireplace only in the main room of your home. Its installation cost you a considerable amount of money, and your room architecture needs to be changed for proper installation. You need to arrange its fuel in the form of monthly firewood stock. It requires annual cleaning and maintenance from your side.
  3. Electric Fireplace: It is an eco-friendly efficient fireplace. It usually doesn’t need professional installation. A portable electric fireplace can be kept anywhere without any safety concerns. A significant problem with this fireplace is that it will increase your electricity bill to some extent. This fireplace can produce flames without the heat. These flames are not hot, thus this kind of fire is safe to install in the kids’ room.Electric-Fireplaces


When you take into consideration all these factors, then you will be able to pick the right fireplace that matches to your home design and family needs.

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  • hi i am interested in the gas fireplace can you please tell me the price range ?
    regards dr kamran

    dr kamran
    • prices starts from 15000, you can contact us @ 03231424242 for further assistance

  • I have been thinking of getting a gas fireplace in my home and wanted to look up a few tips. I really appreciated how it talked about having safety screens to reduce the risk of kids burning themselves. This is really important to me because I want to make sure that they are safe.


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